Tree Removal

We have the right equipment and experience to remove trees safely. We prefer to remove trees when they are diseased or hazardous, and the hazard cannot be remedied through pruning, though we also understand that many trees must be removed because they are too large for a specific location, too close to a building, have invasive roots, are an invasive species, or are not aesthetically pleasing.  We are fully insured and bonded to protect you and your property.  It is important to understand if there are any requirements in your community to have permits for tree removal.  Please follow these links for information on permits in your area. If your area is not listed, a permit may not be needed, but it is always best to contact your local government office. Tree Removal in Bay City, OR.  Tree Removal in Pacific County Washington. The link to Pacific County covers tree removal information for Long Beach, Ocean Park, Chinook, and all areas within the boundary of Pacific County.  Tree Removal in Manzanita Oregon.   Tree Removal in Cannon BeachTree Removal Astoria Oregon.

Tree Risk Assessment

We offer free consultations for diseased and dangerous trees. We will provide solutions and the education necessary to help bring diseased trees back to health.  If a tree cannot be saved we have the technical skills and experience required to remove it safely.  We take great care in protecting your structures and keeping your delicate landscape free from damage during this process.


Most trees require regular pruning for correct form and optimal health. Deadwood should be eliminated, and large overhanging branches reduced or eliminated.  Competing branches need to be thinned out every two to four years. However, different species of trees require different degrees of thinning.  We will provide this education during your consult.

Tree topping has been used in the past to control the size of trees, or to open up a view. However, tree topping is no longer an accepted practice for pruning except with small fruit trees and shaped hedges.  For trees that have become too tall, crown reduction pruning will reduce the size of the tree while protecting the tree's natural form and health.  Crown reduction reduces the size of the top of the tree through selective pruning.  This technique preserves the long-term health and aesthetic of the tree.

Vista pruning is another alternative to topping when the goal is to reduce tree foliage and enhance your view.





Tree and Shrub Health

Trees and shrubs need access to nutrients and water to stay healthy. We offer yearly fertilization, mulching, and deep root aeration  for trees and shrubs. 



Replacing trees involves several steps including selecting the species, the perfect location,  preparing the site, and planting the tree using methods that will ensure sustainability.  

Our tree planting experience will give you peace of mind that your investment in a new tree will be protected.  


Stump removal

Stump removal is done using a stump grinder.  This technique is more precise and enables us to preserve the surrounding landscape.  


24/7 Tree Emergency Service

Please call us for any tree emergency. We will answer the phone anytime day or night during storms, power outages, and natural disasters. 


We are a full service Tree Care Company providing Tree Care Solutions for the North Coast of Oregon and the Long Beach Peninsula:

Cities in our service area:

Oregon: Astoria, Seaside, Gearhart, Cannon Beach, Warrenton,  Arch Cape, Manzanita, Nehalem, Tillamook, Bayside, Bay City, Oceanview, Netarts, Rockaway Beach, Clatskanie, Westport, and Svenson.

Washington: Chinook, Longbeach, Oyserville, Ilwaco, Naselle, Seaview,  and Ocean Park.

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